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Jun 112017
Jun 112017
May 222017
May 082017

“Many of life’s failures

are people who did not realize

how close they were to success

when they gave up.”

Apr 292017

Laws disarming honest citizens.

proclaim that the government is the master,

not the servant,

of the people.

Apr 272017

You may never know what results,

come of your actions,

but if you do nothing,

there will be no results.

Apr 262017

There is no Film vs Digital.

There are only photographers,

who take photographs.

Apr 142017

A camera is a tool,

it takes technical skill and creative inspirations,

along with creative composition,

to create a photograph,

otherwise it’s just a snapshot

Apr 122017


can’t stop criminals,

so they make laws,

for lawful citizens,

so it appears,

they’re doing something about crime